One Easy Way to Get Into A Closed Nation

June 21, 2017

We've got a Summer Outreach team in the Himalayas right now. Just got this text from them. Had to share.

We begin every morning in the prayer room with our long-term team here. They have two incredible hours of of worship and intercession every day.

This morning we prayed for the Arab Gulf. And at one point—very specifically—that migrant workers would bring the gospel into closed nation in the Arab Gulf.

This afternoon, we ventured out for our team's first outreach in the city. Half of us went to the slums. We stopped to pray for every person we could and probably saw 10 healings (including partially deaf ears opening!).

Towards the end, we met a man who told us that next month he was moving to the Arab Gulf for work for the next seven years!

We sat and talked with him for awhile. He had lower back pain, so we prayed and of was instantly healed. He didn't understand how it happened. He had never even heard the name of Jesus before. In his amazement he wanted to learn more.

We shared the gospel with him and explained that Jesus loved him and healed his back. The man gave his life to the Lord on the spot, smiling and saying, "Even though my family does not believe, today I believe in Jesus!"