Jesus changes everything.

Transform communities with the good news of Jesus by donating monthly and joining our partnership team.

Until all know Jesus.

My Name is Andy Byrd, and I want to thank you for considering to partner with Fire and Fragrance as we expand the Kingdom of God throughout the globe.

Would the lost be saved, sick be healed, and gospel make it to every home?

Fire & Fragrance is a discipleship movement.

We ignite a wholehearted love for Jesus.

We walk through life with our students and show them what it looks like to live for Jesus through teaching and personal mentorship.

We invite them to join us in the nations.

We celebrate the nations and invite our students to join one of our thriving communities around the world.

We empower them to lead.

We give young people opportunities to lead and use their skill sets to transform their community with the culture of Jesus.

In 2017 our students personally shared the gospel with 35,000 people.

Send the love of Jesus.

Join our monthly partnership team and invest in young leaders bringing the love of Jesus to the nations.