Top Question

What is the schedule like?

Packed. We pack the schedule full of incredible teaching, worship, prayer and times for you to encounter Jesus. The schedule is crafted to develop your character and build incredible community centered on Jesus.

8–12PM — Training + teaching
1–3 PM – track time + Prayer Sets
3–5 PM - Work duties
7–9 PM - Ministry Night + team times (3–4 nights a week)

Weekends are free

Can I just do the first 3 months of dts?

We learn best when we immediately apply what we learn. The 3 month outreach is the most powerful part of the DTS learning experience. So the answer is no, our DTS is 6 month program because the learning and application need to go together.


What do I learn in DTS?

In YWAM, we bring in teachers who are living their message. They have authority to teach and impart their breakthrough to us. You will learn:

How to Hear God's Voice
How to encounter God as you study the Bible
Understanding the Holy Spirit and His gifts
How prayer shapes history
The Gospel's power to transform society
Revival history
How to develop godly relationships
How to preach the gospel

How do I pay for DTS?

We partner with God, trust him to provide for our needs and invite people to invest in us as we serve God in missions. We have a fundraising guide to help you!

Where do we go on outreach?

We send teams all around the world. Here are some of the places we go.

arab gulf
middle east
south africa
south asia
southeast asia
papua new guinea
And more...

How do I join Fire & Fragrance Staff?

Every Fire & Fragrance YWAM staff member goes through the Leadership Track Internship first. Check out our staff page for all the details.


Where Are The other Fire & Fragrance Communities?

We have teams all around the world. Check out our Projects page to see where are teams are located and the projects they have going in their nations.