church partnership

1. We can facilitate mission trips for your church.
2. We train on missions and evangelism.

Missions Trips

Locations on every continent

We have FF teams around the world that would love to host your teams. Each community is burning with passion for Jesus and reaching the lost.

Share the gospel

There are many wonderful things you can do on a missions trip. But we make sharing the gospel the number one priority.

FF Training


Training people how to share the Gospel is one of YWAM's greatest strengths. We can help your team grow in boldness and share with love and power.

Culture of Jesus

One of the most important elements of a dynamic outreach is the team culture. Our training in the Culture of Jesus can transform your team.

Himalayas 2018 * Sharing Jesus film in the villages

mission Trip fundraising guide

We've been raising money for a long time. It used to be scary but now we love it. We can help you.